SAGE Quality

Incredible meals are easier to provide when your operation is managed efficiently
SAGE Principles

Since the company's creation in 1990, we've based every decision on six fundamental principles.


SAGE is independently owned and operated, which gives us the flexibility to meet the specific needs of each client.

Healthy Cuisine

Our highly skilled culinary team collaborates with our registered dietitians to showcase healthy, delicious food options on each menu.


Our nutrition program encourages guests to make informed, healthy dining choices. And our Educational Seasonings program creates new learning opportunities.

Upward Mobility

We hire the best people in the industry and offer ongoing training and opportunities for advancement.

Financial Disclosure

We manage all client expenses as if they were our own, providing clear financial statements so there are never any surprises.


SAGE pioneered the use of computers and telecommunications in food service in 1990, and we are constantly developing new applications to connect our clients and managers.

Part of what makes SAGE so different from our competitors is our system for controlling and reporting costs. With SAGE, you can rest assured that the dining dollar is going into what the customer sees: the satisfying food, the exceptional service and the inviting ambience.

Salmon and Asparagus

We create innovative menus to represent each client's tastes.

Fresh ingredients, sourced locally and prepared in small batches at every location, ensure that every customer enjoys the most flavorful cuisine possible.

We run professional kitchens in full compliance with all HACCP guidelines for safe food preparation.

Chef with Stock

We manage all client expenses as if they were our own.

All data and documentation regarding the operation of an account belong to the client. SAGEware, our proprietary account management software, provides accessible, real-time reports.

And our statements are clear and comprehensive, following generally accepted accounting principles, so there are never any surprises.

We receive a management fee for our hard work.

We work for you. We aren't rewarded for running over budget, nor are we punished for saving money. Client satisfaction is our top priority.

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