Dining Service

We're committed to serving the freshest food in the most visually appealing manner.

No one wants to eat gray string beans or a mouthful of mushy peas. That's what happens when vegetables are overcooked or come from a can.

SAGE's chefs treat vegetables kindly, stir-frying or steaming them to preserve the nutrients and bright colors. And we lightly season them to maximize their fresh flavor.

We know how to make healthy food taste good.

Our menus are custom designed for each community, changing seasonally to reflect the freshest product available in each region. We take the time to understand your tastes and preferences.

We work with you to develop a food program that appeals to your community's culinary, nutritional and social needs, and does so within a reasonable budget.

Our goal is to purchase as much local product as possible, safely and within budget. We partner with a select group of local and national providers to deliver wholesome food on a timely and cost-effective basis. Whenever feasible, we purchase natural and organic products.

Contact our Sales Team to learn how SAGE can deliver a custom menu for your community.