CORE Program
SAGE understands students have a lot on their plate. To lighten the load, we created CORE, a nutrition program that guides you to practice variety, balance and moderation when it comes to eating, as well as other aspects of your life. Look for green, yellow and red dots displayed next to the menu items to help you make balanced choices and additional  information and tips around the dining hall.

Add a variety of foods labeled with green dots to at least half your plate for added color and nutrients. Green dot foods are the foundation of your plate. Simply prepared fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins and non-fat dairy are common green dot foods.

Yellow dot items represent foods containing important vitamins and minerals. Balance your plate by filling a quarter to a half with yellow dot foods. These foods add a mix of nutrients and flavors to your plate. Yellow dot foods include fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and low-fat dairy prepared with moderate amounts of added sugar, fat and/or salt.

Enjoy foods labeled with red dots in small portions or less frequently. Red dot foods provide valuable nutrients, but also contain some you want to moderate. Focusing on portion or frequency is a great way to enjoy these foods.