• Fall means harvest time! Discover how your choices can have a positive impact on the environment and learn why it's better to Eat Local!

• Take a trip abroad with Eastern European Cuisine. Experience the flavors of Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and the Czech Republic. 

• Ever wondered what the difference is between a spice and an herb? You'll learn how things are classified and discover how to grow your own garden in Spices & Dried Herbs. 

• Fire up the barbie! It's the great divide, barbecue versus grilling. Discover the benefits of both in Grill This!

Educational Seasonings combines classroom discussion with real tasting experiences. SAGE doesn't settle for just serving food at mealtimes. Our culinary team encourages students to learn about - and taste - foods and flavors from around the world.

This year we will feature Eat Local!, The First Thanksgiving, The Art of Folding Napkins, Latin Root Vegetables, Got Milk?, Spices and Dried Herbs, Eastern European Cuisine, and Grill This!