Meal Plans for Resident Students
Our 19 meal plan offers you breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, as well as brunch and dinner on the weekends. Please see below for the three meal plans we offer to resident students per semester.

    19 Meal Plan with $50 flex cash and 6 Guest Passes
    15 Meal Plan with $25 flex cash and 6 Guest Passes
    10 Meal Plan with $90 flex cash and 6 Guest Passes
    10 Meal Plan with $150 flex cash and 6 Guest Passes (Must be a Student on an Internship Program)

Meal Plans for Commuting Students

SAGE Dining Services ® also offers "block" meal plans for commuters. Do you live off-campus but want to eat meals with friends in our dining hall? Prepaid cards are for purchase at the Student Accounts Office.
The following plans are for purchase:

    20 Block for $105.00
    40 Block for $200.00

AMCash Plan
This plan is for commuters, faculty and staff, and is optional for resident students. SAGE Dining Services ® offers you the opportunity to add money (discretionary dollars) to your ID. As your ID acts like a debit card, it becomes a fast, safe and convenient method of managing campus life. Instead of carrying cash, all you have to do is present your Anna Maria ID, and your purchases will automatically be deducted from your account. This is in addition to the meal plans, not a replacement.

As a bonus, SAGE Dining Services ® offers you a 5% increase in buying power for each $25 that you put on your card.

Cash or Credit Door Prices:


Breakfast $4.25 | Lunch / Brunch $5.35 | Dinner $6.40

Faculty Staff

Breakfast $4.50 | Lunch / Brunch $5.60 | Dinner $6.75

Welcome Guests
Have a guest? You are welcome to bring a friend or family member for any meal in the dining hall. Guest meal prices, including tax, are listed below. AMCash, cash, credit cards and debit cards are the payment types accepted for guest meals. You cannot use your meal plan to pay for an additional meal.

Breakfast $7.35 | Lunch / Brunch $8.50 | Dinner $11.50

Add Value to your Meal Plan Account

AMCash may be used for the purchase of AMCafe or additional purchases in the dining hall. Unused dining dollars carry over from the first to second semester, but expire at the end of the academic year. Any unused AMCash will be forfeited.