Using SAGE's Online Menu and Allergen Filter

These days, you can learn just about everything online - and learning about the food served in the Notre Dame of Maryland University dining hall is no exception! Do you want to know what will be served today, or in the weeks ahead? No problem! All our menus are created in advance, and posted online at

But many don't realize that our menus allow you to do much more than just see what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have additional features that allow you to view all the ingredients used in recipes and the food allergens that are present in those dishes. If you want to know all about what's in the food, this is the next best thing to taking a walk through the SAGE kitchen during meal time!

These steps will guide you use our online menu tools.

1. Visit the on-line menu at

2. If you want to know more about ingredients click directly on any menu item. You will see an ingredient list pop up telling you exactly what is used to make that menu item. There is also a password protected orange box featuring the nutrition information about this recipe. The password is available to adults and students who have adult supervision. This password is in place to be sure nutrition information is used in a healthy way.

3. If you want to know more about food allergens, click to open the allergen filter. On the upper left hand side of the menu, you will see a blue link that reads "Allergens/Restrictions." When you click on this link, a drop down box will appear that lists specific allergens.

4. Click on the allergen(s) you would like to avoid. If you accidentally click on an allergen that you do not need to avoid, simply click it again to undo the action.

5. Determine what foods contain your allergen(s). As you click on an allergen, you will notice certain menu items change from black to light gray. This occurs because those menu items contain one or more of the allergens you have clicked. You can also click directly on any menu item to view the full list of ingredients used to make that item. This is useful if you would like to know the source of the allergen, or if you are trying to avoid other foods not identified by the filter.

6. Talk to your food service director. The on-line menu filter is a first step in determining what is safe to eat. It is also very important to talk with the food service director to investigate preparation methods and to ensure other variations are not present. In addition, we have an "open kitchen" policy, which allows parents and students to schedule a time to go through our inventory to check for hidden allergens.

Since menus change seasonally, we encourage you to review them and communicate with the food service director on a regular basis. Visit him or her in the dining hall or send an email to SAGE is happy to provide information and service to the Williston-Northampton community to ensure a healthy, safe and delicious dining experience for all!