At SAGE, we believe in offering healthy options at every meal so that diners can choose delicious, nutritious meals. We don't take short cuts. We are dedicated to doing the little things right. As a result, SAGE is committed to:

• Presenting menus that change seasonally, to reflect the fresh product available in each local market.
• Offering a large variety of popular choices to please every appetite.
• Cooking in batches to minimize waste and maximize flavor.
• Buying food from local sources whenever possible.
• Using shell eggs that are cage-free and Certified Humane.
• Cooking and baking from scratch.
• Broiling, baking, grilling and stir-frying to avoid the high fat content of fried foods.
• Using only trans fat free oil.
• Making our soups from scratch with fresh ingredients. Our soups never contain MSG.
• Serving 3 kinds of fresh fruit per meal, according to season.
• Offering house-made salads and salad dressings, made from scratch daily.
• Serving a variety of locally baked breads.
• Offering milk that contains no rBST and no antibiotics.
• Providing a variety of beverages including milk, Spa Water (fruit-infused filtered water), lemonade, brewed teas and juices.
• Using fresh herbs to enhance flavor and garnish our displays.
• Serving tuna that is dolphin-safe, and packed in water.
• Supporting the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines, and striving to increase our purchases of sustainable seafood.

Setting A Good Example®