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The SAGE Experience

It's more than the food

Every SAGE meal is an opportunity to engage—with new friends, new foods, and new understandings. Walk into a SAGE venue, and you'll know right away. It's the warm smile on a Team Member's face. It's the vibrant sign that tells you today's main entree is an exciting dish you've never tried before. It's the Educational Seasonings program that teaches you everything you'd ever want to know about breadmaking, Brassica (if you're thinking cabbage and cauliflower, you're on the right track!), or Thanksgiving in Civil War times. It's one of the best parts of your day.

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What to expect

Get a fresh perspective
A regional Account Executive and a District Manager will visit your community, watch a meal service, and sample the food. They'll review the kitchen and serving area and take note of what works and what might need improvement.

We'll craft a custom proposal for you based on these observations.

Experience SAGE Style
We invite you to visit a nearby SAGE location.

Share a meal with us and experience what our guests enjoy every day. You can taste the food and immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere of a SAGE dining hall.

Have an honest conversation
Let's build a long-term relationship.

Our Sales and Leadership teams will work with you to make sure that SAGE is the right choice.

Let's Start Talking!

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Make a Change.
Make a Statement.

Do you want to update your dining hall or build a new dining facility?

We can help! Our creative teams will guide you through your construction or renovations. We'll work with your contractors and leverage our relationships with local and national vendors.

SAGE will transform your dining hall into a destination—with bright, modern interiors, vivid digital displays, and state-of-the-art equipment. The comfortable, engaging environment we create together will become the focal point for your community.


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