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Unique dining experiences

At SAGE, we don't just make food. We create dining experiences.

When you step into a SAGE dining hall, you're immediately surrounded by an abundance of freshly-prepared, mouth-wateringly delicious foods and welcoming attentive service.

Our chefs use local- and campus-grown ingredients to create delicious meals on site every day. We partner with local vendors to bring you fresh, seasonal food and produce. We tailor menus for each community, offering a variety of healthy menu choices, more whole foods, fewer additives and preservatives, and increased awareness of what goes into each meal.

Scratch and Batch Cooking

We believe in serving real food

Real  food is cooked from scratch. Real  food is made from fresh, raw ingredients. Real  food is cooked by passionate trained chefs who care about the environment.

We roast our own deli meats. We use the freshest local produce available. We buy cage-free, Certified Humane® eggs and antibiotic- and hormone-free milk. We only use trans fat-free oils and MSG-free seasonings. When you eat our food, you're tasting real  ingredients. Not artificial flavors or preservatives.

With SAGE, you'll always  know what's in your food.

We cut down on food waste

Each SAGE chef prepares food in small batches, so that the last person served experiences the same level of quality as the first. We cook only as much as needed – reducing food waste and minimizing leftovers.

Learn more about our Commitment to Sustainability

Custom Menus

Our tailored menus provide a one-of-a-kind experience for every school

We understand that no two venues are the same. Our chefs are part of your community. They'll design a menu to reflect your students' personalities and preferences. We source local, seasonal ingredients, so our food truly represents your region's tastes, flavors, and cuisines.

You'll always find something new to enjoy in your dining hall.


Different menu items being served


Menu items with MSG or trans-fat


Distinct ingredients

Plan Your Meals

Our free, convenient tools give you an insider's look at each SAGE kitchen

At SAGE, we believe that meals should be a haven, not a hassle. That’s why we’ve created detailed online menus and a sleek, free mobile application for students. We invest in technology to create the the best experience for our customers and to help them plan healthy decisions in advance.

Online Menus

Our online menus provide convenient, 24/7 access to our menus, nutrition information and our innovative allergen filter.

  • View daily and weekly menu items

  • Assess the nutritional value of each item, based on its Spotlight Program dot color

  • Click on any item to check its detailed ingredients

  • Filter for any combination of up to 12 common allergens

Learn More

Touch of SAGE Mobile App

Our mobile app interfaces with menus, ingredient lists, our comprehensive allergen filter, and our new online ordering system. Students can use their phones to get the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

  • View up-to-date school menus and detailed nutritional information for every menu item

  • "Favorite" and "Recommend" menu items

  • Rate and provide feedback on menu items

  • Create a custom allergen profile

  • See school-specific event dates, including upcoming "Educational Seasonings"


Local Sourcing

We support your local economy

Local food is fresher, tastes better, and has a lower environmental impact. SAGE has partnered with more than 800 local and regional distributors to supply our communities with fresh, seasonal food and produce.

Learn More


We are stewards of the earth's resources; every facet of our operations reflects our commitment to our planet and the local community.

SAGE Gardens

More than 100 SAGE venues have gardens, ranging from simple herb boxes to fully functioning farms.

Meet the Farmer

Every ingredient tells a story. It starts on a farm or in a garden, and ends on your plate. SAGE shares these stories through our Meet the Farmer program. We profile the family-operated area vendors who supply food for our kitchens.

Customer Satisfaction

The SAGE Program helps distinguish your school as a center of culinary excellence in your community

SAGE works alongside you to make your school the place to be.

Prospective students frequently report that the food was the best part of their day. They're awed by the breadth and freshness of our foods, the welcoming smiles of our chefs and servers, and the colorful array of local foods, farms, and purveyors.

Prospective parents are wowed by SAGE's online menus, wholesome food options, and the nutrition and allergen information available at their fingertips.

Bring the SAGE Program to your dining hall

Show your community how much you care

Food is an important part of everyone's day. A thoughtful dining program tailored to the unique needs of your community demonstrates your commitment to the health and well-being of every person on campus.

Our exquisite food and unparalleled service give students, faculty, and staff something to look forward to every day, and keep them returning year after year.

Learn What We Can Bring to Your Community


Let us entertain you!

Our on-site culinary team relishes every chance to show what they can do. From coffee breaks and continental breakfasts to formal dinners for hundreds of guests, we'll showcase the latest culinary trends and create priceless memories for you and your guests.

Your on-site team, supported by SAGE's highly-trained professional chefs, will provide memorable catered events at a very reasonable cost. There's no need to hire expensive outside caterers; we've got you covered! Let SAGE share The Flavor of Things to Come® with your community.


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