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JUNE 2011

Green Cup Challenge Winners


Congratulations to the students at The Winchendon School, a coed, college preparatory school in Winchendon, MA, for achieving first place in the Northeast Boarding School category of the 2011 Green Cup Challenge. A program of the Green Schools Alliance, the Green Cup Challenge invites all schools -- public and private, day and boarding schools -- to measure and reduce campus electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions, and supports campus greening efforts, including recycling and water conservation. Carbon footprint reductions are...


Good-bye Pyramid, Hello Plate!


The USDA has released a new image to support its Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the plate shown above. The iconic pyramid logo was introduced in 1992, but its reformulation in 2005 came with a lot of criticism. The new My Plate concept addresses some of those concerns with a more simplified program. The plate image is divided into four sections, in the ratio of amounts of each food you should eat. Fruits and vegetables should fill up half your plate...


The First Watermelon Harvest

Sustainability, Gardens

Today was the day we at Pine Crest School have been waiting for: the first watermelon harvest. The seeds for "Farmers Wonderful," a seedless variety of melon, were sown on March 23. On May 5, we were blessed with "Bouncing Baby Wasandra," the first melon we noticed in the patch. The students watched with much anticipation as the melons grew and grew. The praying mantis egg sacs that were placed in the garden on March 21 hatched around...


Savannah Country Day Captures the Flag

Sustainability, Gardens

When the teachers, students and staff at Savannah Country Day School won the prestigious Green Flag Award from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), it was not immediately obvious just how special an honor they had received. The Green Flag Awards recognize the greenest schools in the world. But until this year, no American school had claimed the prize. The Eco-Schools USA program counts nearly 500 schools and some 205,000 students among its participants, but none had achieved the program’s...


Saint Andrew's School Named 'Green School of Excellence'

Sustainability, Gardens

Congratulations to the Green Team at Saint Andrew's School in Boca Raton, FL, for being named a Palm Beach County "Green School of Excellence." This is the highest level of recognition a school can attain in the program. The co-ed, K-12 boarding school also received a second place award for the 2011 program, in which 49 Palm Beach County schools participated. The honor comes with a $1,000 cash prize, which the school will use to purchase a composting...


Food Allergy Incidence on the Rise


According to a recent study published in Pediatrics, 6 million children -- or one in every 13 children -- have food allergies. That's twice the 2007 estimate of 3 million. In addition, two in every five kids with a food allergy experience life-threatening reactions, like swelling of the throat or a drop in blood pressure. These findings support continued need for education and awareness of food allergies within the school setting. Reactions to food allergies can be life-threatening, and education...


Easy Ways to Consume Less Electricity This Summer


Whether or not we are motivated by helping the environment, conserving electricity is worthwhile because it can save us money. All over the country, electricity bills are increasing as energy costs in general continue to climb. Here, courtesy of consumer expert Andrea Woroch, are six energy-saving tips for summer. Check back in a few days for six more tips. 1. Go Window Shopping When the weather hits over 90 degrees and it's too hot to be outdoors, leave your credit...


Additional Tips for Saving Energy This Summer


Conserving electricity lowers energy bills, and the environmental benefits are an added bonus. Here, courtesy of consumer expert Andrea Woroch, are six energy-saving tips for summer. Check a previous blog post for six more tips. 1. Wash Dishes in Batches You might think that hand-washing dishes would reduce both your water and electrical bill, but Energy Star appliances are actually much better for your family finances. The original investment, however, is terribly high. As a simple fix, wait until the...


A Reception Fit for a Prince

From Our Kitchen

[caption id="attachment_4332" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Samantha Eusini of SAGE Dining Services offers a beverage to Prince Edward at Garrison Forest School. Photo by Associated Press."][/caption] During his June 21 trip to Baltimore, Britain's Prince Edward visited Garrison Forest School in Owings Mills, MD, where he enjoyed delicious scones and iced beverages prepared by SAGE chefs. The youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II was joined by Miss America, Teresa Scanlan, to announce the expansion of a youth award program. [caption id="attachment_4352"...


Use Rice Cooker to Whip Up Whole Grain Recipes

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen

The Whole Grains Council (WGC) does a wonderful job of promoting healthful whole grains, and helping consumers discover delicious ways to incorporate them into our daily meals. One great way to simplify the preparation of these grains is by using a rice cooker. The WGC has added a new Rice Cookers For All Grains page to its website, to encourage experimentation with lots of whole grains using this convenient appliance. For added inspiration, the Council recommends a book called The...


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