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One-on-One with a SAGE Food Service Director: Mashaye Barr

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Mashaye Barr, former Food Service Director (FSD) at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School, and newly-appointed AFSD at McDonogh School, took my call during a busy afternoon of what she called “magic”—making orange-blueberry muffins with her much-loved team. How’d you get into food service? My Uncle Peppi owned two restaurants in Baltimore. He taught me about food and integrity. I always had a hot meal with him, and got the greatest advice. He encouraged me to learn from the best:...


From Our Kitchen: Gluten-Free Apple Pie

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Learn how to make this fall staple at home. You can use any apples, although our Chefs recommend tart baking apples like Braeburns or Granny Smiths. If you’d prefer, the gluten-free flour can be swapped easily for regular all-purpose flour. Grab your vanilla ice cream and enjoy! Yields: 1 Pie Ingredients for Crust: 2 ½ cups gluten-free all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 2 sticks cold, unsalted butter, cut into small pieces 8 tablespoons ice-cold water Crust Preparation: Step 1 Cut...


Keeping Students Safe: How SAGE Handles Food Allergies

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SAGE’s first priority is keeping our students safe and healthy. For this reason, food allergies need to be considered just as seriously as any other threat. SAGE’s research of its client population found that 1 in 12 students has a food allergy. For students with food allergies, meals can bring uncertainty and fear. We alleviate that fear through our allergy management program. Since peanut allergies are the most common and severe, SAGE doesn’t serve peanut or tree nut products (*unless...


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