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JUNE 2015

5 Rules for Picking Summer Produce

Nutrition, Sustainability, From Our Kitchen, Gardens

Have you ever bought produce only to find it's too ripe, or not ripe enough? It can be challenging to choose perfect produce every time. We've put together five simple rules to guide your purchases this summer: Trust your sense of smell. The scent of some produce can help determine whether it's ripe. Fruit should smell fragrant, particularly melons, berries and stone fruits like plums, peaches and nectarines. Handle with care. Ripe fruits like plums should yield to gentle pressure...


Is The Yogurt Aisle All Greek To You?

From Our Kitchen

When's the last time you visited the yogurt section of your local grocery store? It can be hard to know what to look for – there are so many varieties of yogurt to choose from! Should you pick Greek or regular yogurt? Can you still enjoy yogurt if you're lactose intolerant? Here's the scoop on all things yogurt: How Is It Made? All yogurt is made the same way: add cultures to pasteurized milk. The resulting bacteria in turn causes...


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