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APRIL 2019

One-on-One with a SAGE Team Member: Margaret Scott

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Meet SAGE Team Member Margaret Scott. She's been with SAGE for 10 years, all at Calvert Hall College High School in Maryland! How did you get into food service? It’s always been something I like to do. I started with home economics in middle school—I liked sewing, homemaking, and cooking. During high school, I started in fast food at Roy Rogers. What’s your role in the kitchen? My main role is working in prep—baking, roasting chicken and turkey for the...


Taste of India: Curried Indian Chicken and Chickpea Soup

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Indian cuisine is known for its diverse spices and flavors, but don’t let that scare you. This classic dish uses ingredients that are common in most kitchens. Check your pantry for curry powder, pick up some ginger root on your next trip to the market, and you’re on your way to creating a healthy and hearty soup. Serve it with rice or warm naan for a delicious, traditional meal! Serves 6 Ingredients: 8 ounces boneless, skinless chicken breast ½ teaspoon...


Growing SAGE: Campus Garden at River Oaks Baptist School

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Spring has sprung! At many SAGE venues, we’re getting our campus gardens ready for planting. 70% of the communities we serve have a type of garden – from small herb boxes to small farms – and we enthusiastically harvest from them for our recipes. We know how important it is for young people to be exposed to gardening. Research shows that gardening experiences from childhood through young adulthood affect the amount of fruits and vegetables that young people eat. So...


Gardening 101 - Tips and Tricks for New Gardeners

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Want to grow your own produce and herbs but need some advice? Rylan Snodgrass, Food Services Director at River Oaks Baptist School in Houston, started her first on-campus garden last spring, and has a few words of wisdom: Start with plants versus seeds. While seeds can yield some incredibly interesting plants, they take a very long time to sprout and a lot of care and attention. You can put plants in the ground right away and get some satisfaction quickly...


From Our Chefs: Top 10 Favorite Dishes to Prepare

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Our Chefs, many of whom hail from top-tier culinary schools and restaurants, have dedicated their careers to working in your school communities. Known for their versatility, they can pull out all the stops for a high-end catering event with elegant meals on the weekend, and then reliably deliver regional, kid-friendly favorites for Monday’s lunch. But what are their favorites? We polled them to find out what they love to prepare for their communities. We think some of these might also...


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