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Gardening 101 - Tips and Tricks for New Gardeners

Growing SAGE

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Want to grow your own produce and herbs but need some advice? Rylan Snodgrass, Food Services Director at River Oaks Baptist School in Houston, started her first on-campus garden last spring, and has a few words of wisdom:

  • Start with plants versus seeds. While seeds can yield some incredibly interesting plants, they take a very long time to sprout and a lot of care and attention. You can put plants in the ground right away and get some satisfaction quickly.

  • Learn what zone you’re in. It’s really important that you’re planting what’s viable, at the right times. If you plant too late, you may burn the plant or not yet a yield in time, and if you plant too early, it could freeze.

  • Don’t forget to mix in flowers with vegetable and fruit plants to entice pollination – plus, it makes your garden extra colorful!

  • Relax and have fun. Play around with items you thought you’d never eat – the fact that you’re growing it yourself may entice your whole family to try new things!

Read about Rylan's new campus garden here.

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