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JULY 2014

Fresh Herbs Perk Up Green Salads

From Our Kitchen, Gardens

Many of us enjoy growing fresh herbs, but sometimes we can't use them up fast enough. They grow better if trimmed frequently, but since we might not do as much cooking during the summer months, our plants can get a bit leggy. One solution is to add the herbs to salads. Some snips of fresh parsley, basil, tarragon and cilantro can really brighten a run-of-the-mill green salad. Avoid using strong-tasting herbs like rosemary, marjoram and oregano, which can overwhelm the...


Food Safety Tips for Your Home

From Our Kitchen

Food poisoning happens more often than we like to believe. The nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps we attribute to the “flu” may actually be caused by foodborne illness. You can minimize the risk of foodborne illness by following these basic safety tips: Keep things clean. Wash your hands with hot soapy water before touching food, and wash them again before you begin working with the next ingredient. Wash cutting boards, knives, bowls and utensils as well. Keep hot foods...


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