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APRIL 2022

From Our Chefs: 10 Must-Have Items for Your Kitchen

At Home With SAGEsage img

Whether you’re a professional chef or still learning the basics, it’s important to keep timesaving tools on hand. We recommend these 10 items to help you minimize how long it takes to make meals and maximize how long you get to enjoy the food and the company of the people you share it with. Cutting board: This provides a clean, solid surface for meal prep. Look for easy-to-clean materials that can protect your knives and avoid cross-contamination. Chef’s knife: This...


From Our Dietitians: Nutrition Fact or Fiction

Nutritionsage img

It’s easy to find nutrition information, but figuring out which advice to follow is challenging. Claims may be polar opposites, and it can be confusing and overwhelming to separate fact from fiction. SAGE’s Registered Dietitians approach nutrition claims with curiosity and a healthy dose of skepticism to figure out if they’re based on scientific evidence. The next time you hear about a new trend, evaluate it using these tips. What was said? Take a look at the claims and benefits...


Minimizing Food Waste at Home

Sustainability, At Home With SAGEsage img

Happy Earth Day! At SAGE, our focus on sustainability means doing what’s right for people and the planet. To participate in EARTHDAY.ORG's Earth Day 2022 theme — Invest In Our Planet — we're focusing on minimizing food waste to help reduce our carbon footprint. According to Feeding America, 108 billion pounds of food is wasted in the U.S. every year. Moreover, 58% of the food produced in Canada is lost or thrown out, according to Second Harvest Food...


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