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Improvised Summer Dinner

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen

Recently, I invited a friend for dinner, but with the temperature in the mid-90s, cooking was not an enticing prospect. What could I throw together that would be tasty, seasonal and simple, with little or no cooking required? At the farmers market that morning, I was enticed by the sweet corn and vivid red tomatoes. (The heirloom tomatoes growing in my backyard are getting there, but are not quite ready to eat yet.) The plump, glossy blackberries and fragrant...


A Shift in Food Shopping Habits


Some interesting data from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) sheds light on how consumers shop for groceries and what their priorities are as they fill their carts. Shopping for Health 2011, the 19th annual study released by the FMI and Prevention magazine, found a change in behavior from previous surveys: Consumers no longer place such a high priority on avoiding undesirable ingredients in food -- such as fat, sugar and calories. Instead, they increasingly look for foods offering healthful components...


Excess Sodium a Concern, Even in Infants


Many of us were shocked a few years ago to learn of a growing incidence of hypertension and diabetes in children. Now, from the United Kingdom, comes a report that as many as 70 percent of 8-month-old babies there consume too much sodium, putting them at risk for kidney disease and hypertension later in life. As part of a longitudinal study, the researchers examined the diets of more than 1,000 infants born in the early 1990s. Their mothers kept...


Purslane: The New 'It' Green

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen, Gardens

Recently, while buying greens at the farmers' market, I was encouraged to try purslane, which was entirely new to me. The vendor tossed some in with the spinach and mesclun in the bag. As part of a salad, it was an interesting element. The taste was slightly lemony and astringent, though not at all bitter. Then a friend mentioned that Dr. Oz has been touting the health benefits of purslane, and I saw folks talking about it on Twitter...


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