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MARCH 2019

From Our Kitchen: Baja Fish Tacos

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When these are on the menu, students get excited. After all, they are the trendy spin on the Tuesday staple. If you can’t make it to one of our venues when this favorite is featured, here’s how you can make them at home for the whole family to enjoy. Makes 6 tacos Ingredients: 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 lime 2 ½ teaspoons ancho chili powder 1 small jalapeño chile ¼ ounce fresh cilantro 1-pound, 4-ounces mahi mahi or tilapia fillets...


International Cuisine: Vietnam

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Vietnam is a largely coastal, mountainous country with many inland waterways, tropical lowlands, and heavily forested highlands. Once wreaked by the havoc of the Vietnam War, it’s now a popular destination for foodies and wanderlusters alike. The Diet and Popular Dishes Major Vietnamese protein sources are chicken, egg, pork, seafood, and tofu. The Vietnamese prefer to purchase their meat and poultry at wet markets, rather than supermarkets. The lowlands provide freshwater fish and shellfish, as well as eels, frogs, snails...


Growing Your Own Produce

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The days are getting longer, and that means it’s time to start thinking about spring gardens. More than 200 of the communities we serve have a type of garden — from simple herb boxes to full-fledged farms. And to put it simply, we love it when our communities grow their own. Campus gardens provide endless opportunities for learning, and they have a positive impact on the food and vegetable consumption of the students we serve. We live in a busy...


From Our Dietitians: Top 10 Tips to Persuade Picky Eaters

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You want your children to have the best nutrition possible—but let’s be real, when it comes to eating new or healthy foods, kids can be stubborn. Don’t despair! These tips from our Dietitians, coupled with some patience and perseverance, will help expand the palettes of even your most finicky eaters. 10. Change it up: Introduce previously rejected foods in new ways. Use different spices, flavors, or cooking methods. 9. Go all in: Cook the same meal for the whole family...


Top 10 Tips for Brain Health and Academic Achievement

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Preparing for test day can be nerve-racking enough—help your kids out with these brain-boosting nutrition tips: 10. Eat breakfast: Academic achievement is more likely with regular meal consumption, especially breakfast. Breakfast-eaters score higher on standardized tests and have higher GPAs than peers who skip this meal. 9. Don’t forget the fruit: Students consuming two or more servings of fruit per day, especially berries, have been shown to have improved academic achievement. Berries are high in anthocyanins and other flavonoids, which...


Top 10 Most Popular Main Ingredient Entrées

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The students have spoken! We know our students love mac and cheese and pizza, but we also know that their palates can be pretty sophisticated. With feedback from our Touch of SAGE™ Mobile App, our Director of Menu Development put together a list of the most popular unconventional Main Ingredient entrées in our communities. Check it out for some dinner time inspiration! 10. Baja Fish Tacos (check out the recipe here) 9. Grilled Cheese & Braised Short Rib Sandwich 8...


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