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Should Doctors Watch the 'Fat Talk'?


With the obesity epidemic growing, more research is being conducted into the role the medical community plays in helping patients maintain a healthy weight. A recent study in the medical journal Pediatrics asked parents to give their reactions to various words used to describe weight, such as obese, fat and chubby. The researchers specifically wanted to know how the parents would feel if a doctor used these words to describe their child's weight. Parents rated the words "fat," "obese"...


Explore Meatless Meals During Vegetarian Awareness Month

Nutrition, Sustainability, From Our Kitchen

Vegetarian diets have become mainstream over the last decade, with more people looking to improve their health or help the environment. Former President Bill Clinton's choice of a vegetarian diet even made the news! There are vegetarian recipes in magazines, veggie dishes in restaurants and even a dating website for vegetarian singles. So while the benefits of a vegetarian diet are obvious, what if you can't completely give up meat? October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, making it a great time...


Food Day 2011

Nutrition, Sustainability, From Our Kitchen

The first ever Food Day will take place on Monday, Oct. 24. Sponsored by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Day is a nationwide grassroots effort to encourage people to push Congress for healthy and affordable food produced in a sustainable and humane way. Whether through lobbying, participating in a community event or making a personal change, Food Day hopes to inspire people to transform the American diet. Though many of the goals for Food Day concentrate...


'Fat Talk Free' Week

From Our Kitchen

"Fat Talk Free" Week is an idea started by the Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) sorority in an effort to end comments directed toward physical appearance. "Fat talk" is defined by the sorority as “all of the statements made in everyday conversation that reinforce the thin-ideal standard of female beauty and contribute to women's dissatisfaction with their bodies.” They note that "fat talk" also includes positive comments on body image. Tri Delta is a sorority that was established with...


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