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'Fat Talk Free' Week

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"Fat Talk Free" Week is an idea started by the Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) sorority in an effort to end comments directed toward physical appearance. "Fat talk" is defined by the sorority as “all of the statements made in everyday conversation that reinforce the thin-ideal standard of female beauty and contribute to women's dissatisfaction with their bodies.” They note that "fat talk" also includes positive comments on body image. Tri Delta is a sorority that was established with the ideals of truth, self-sacrifice and friendship. A main goal of Tri Delta is to provide support and encouragement for women to build their character. They recognize that “fat talk” does nothing to accomplish this goal and in fact, works against it. The organization created the campaign, End Fat Talk, to reinforce the principles on which Tri Delta was founded. This year's "Fat Talk Free" Week runs from October 16-22. Challenge yourself and others to stop using language centered around body weight and image. Compliment others on their intelligence, generosity or loyalty. Visit their website for more information and to sign the pledge to end "fat talk." Should doctors end "fat talk" as well? Click here to read our post about the effect a doctor's language can have on parents and children struggling with weight issues.    

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