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Sustainable Harvesting: Food Preservation 101

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You may be wondering what to do with your garden’s abundant harvest. You’re giving away lots of squash, your colanders are overflowing with ripe tomatoes, and your family is tired of eating Eggplant Parmesan. But there’s another simple and sustainable option ꟷ food preservation. It reduces food waste from large harvests, cuts back on carbon emissions from cross-country shipping and grocery shopping, and allows you to enjoy your veggies well into the winter. Check out these methods: Freeze It’s best...


On the Road with a SAGE Chef

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Greetings! Welcome back to the blog series “On the Road with RDs,” where we invite you to follow along with our Dietitians as they visit venues, teach communities, and continue their education in the wide world of nutrition. This post is from Rob Coutu, our Executive Chef. He may not be an RD, but he’s an integral part of the nutrition team and is responsible for keeping our recipes and menus in tip-top shape and on trend. I recently...


Food Additives from A to Z

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Welcome to our new series on food additives! You’ve probably looked at ingredient labels on food and wondered what some of those words mean. Maybe you’ve even heard the advice to never eat what you can’t pronounce or that chemicals don’t belong in food. But is that really true? Would you worry if you saw dihydrogen monoxide on a label instead of water? In this series, we’ll clear up some of the mysteries behind common food additives and help you...


How One SAGE Community Puts Sustainability First

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In school dining communities, it’s easy to see how much food doesn’t get eaten. Trash bags can fill up fast – and a majority of what’s discarded doesn’t have to end up in a landfill. But school dining is also one of the best settings for successful waste reduction programs. At John Burroughs School (JBS) in St. Louis, Missouri, they’ve reached the gold standard in school dining sustainability, achieving a 100% waste-free kitchen and dining room. Environmental awareness is deep-rooted...


Alternative Proteins — Can a Burger Save Us?

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Recently, there’s been a proliferation of alternative meat products in the market. These are different from traditional meatless options, such as black bean burgers or soy hot dogs. Backed by venture capital and celebrity endorsements, these new alt proteins, with names such as Beyond Meat® and the Impossible™ Burger, have shown up in restaurants, grocer’s freezers, and — of course — television, but are they worth all the hype? We were curious, so we went beyond the marketing slogans and...


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