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From Our Chefs: Top 10 Favorite Dishes to Prepare

From Our Chefs

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Our Chefs, many of whom hail from top-tier culinary schools and restaurants, have dedicated their careers to working in your school communities. Known for their versatility, they can pull out all the stops for a high-end catering event with elegant meals on the weekend, and then reliably deliver regional, kid-friendly favorites for Monday’s lunch.

But what are their favorites? We polled them to find out what they love to prepare for their communities. We think some of these might also be on your child’s Top 10 list!

10. Soups and Chili – “I love making soups! All kinds of soups!” – SAGE Chef

9. Salmon – Serving up some excellent brain food for even the pickiest eaters.

8. Short Ribs – Check out our fantastic recipe on page X.

7. Chicken Cordon Bleu – Not just for catering events!

6. Asian Noodles – Endless bowls, anyone?

5. House-Made Pasta – Most certainly made with lots of TLC.

4. Shrimp & Grits – Serving up some low country love.

3. Chicken Pot Pie – The definition of comfort food.

2. Stuffed Cabbage – Old-world deliciousness, all wrapped up.

1. Meatballs – The possibilities are endless!

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