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Turning Negative Talk into Positive Talk


You've heard the negative talk: I'm fat; I don't like how I look in these jeans; I wish I looked like the model on TV. It is all too common for young people to speak disparagingly about their bodies. Stop the cycle. Don't allow the of use negative language when describing physical characteristics. What seems like sometimes innocent talk can inspire destructive feelings and actions.

Better yet, let's shift the focus away from appearances and put it towards more desirable qualities like honesty, loyalty and courage. Have you told a young person in your life that they are strong willed? Or brave?

The National Eating Disorders Association has provided a story written by Geneen Roth called “It'll Be Better When I'm Thin...” on their website. The short story provides insight and inspiration to seeing beyond what's in the mirror and valuing your inner self. Click here to download the story and share it with someone in your life that could benefit.

Let's make a change!

Early intervention for an eating disorder could save a life. Don’t wait to get help- find out more at myneda.org or call 800-931-2237.

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