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An Elegant Main-Dish Salad

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen

If you're looking for an elegant salad that's filling enough to serve as a main-course, you can't go wrong with that French classic, Salade Nicoise. The Nicoise looks beautiful on the platter or plate, with its colorful blend of slender green beans, tuna, cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, hard-cooked eggs and olives. The beauty of a Nicoise - or any salad, for that matter - is that you can substitute items you like for those you don't. You may omit anchovies, for example. Many people enjoy Salade Nicoise with seared fresh tuna as well as the traditional canned tuna. If tuna isn't your thing, salmon is an acceptable substitute. Julia Child is credited with introducing this salad to Americans. In her book, Julia's Kitchen Wisdom, she proclaims the Nicoise her "all-time favorite" main-course salad. There are dozens of ways to prepare this salad. So find your favorite and enjoy!

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