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What is Fair Trade?

Did you know that 2 billion of the world's workers survive on less than $2 per day?  October is Fair Trade Month – celebrating a movement that seeks greater equity in international trade by producing sustainable livelihoods and opportunities in some of the poorest countries in the world. Fair Trade is a partnership that creates harmony between producers, businesses and consumers around the world. Fair Trade-labeled products, among them coffee, bananas, sugar, and chocolate, undergo a rigorous certification process to ensure key principles of Fair Trade are met. They include:

  • mutually agreed upon fair pay;
  • healthy and safe working conditions;
  • creation of opportunities to help producers reach economic self-sufficiency and ownership, and
  • use of practices that respect our environment.
Through Fair Trade, producers are able to improve trading conditions, develop disadvantaged communities and promote sustainability. Additionally, it gives consumers a powerful resource to reduce poverty through their every day shopping. To learn more about Fair Trade, please visit www.wfto.com.      

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