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Easy At-Home Cooking with Canned and Frozen Foods


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While you’re spending more time at home, you might think you should be making meals from scratch, using fresh foods each time. Guess again! Canned, frozen, and even prepared foods that you may already have in your pantry or freezer can be a quick way to feed your family, and they can pack a nutrient-dense punch too!

Both canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are often picked at their peak freshness and ripeness. This means they still taste great and are loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, the amounts of nutrients found in these foods are typically the same as their fresh counterparts — little to nothing is lost during processing. Canned and frozen foods not only still offer you the nutrients you need but are also a cost-effective and convenient way to make meals for your family.

Canned beans, frozen vegetables, and pantry items can be quick and less stressful ways to feed your family, which is especially welcome in times like these!

Unsure what to make or how to use some of those staples you have? Here are some simple meal and snack ideas:

  • Set up a build-your-own taco bar at home using frozen corn, canned black beans, jarred salsa, pre-shredded lettuce, tortillas, and any other toppings you have on hand.
  • Make a smoothie by blending frozen berries, bananas, water or yogurt, and ice cubes together for a refreshing snack. Learn how to make a Pineapple-Mango Green Smoothie with tips from Food Service Director Rylan Snodgrass.
  • Make a simple tuna salad for lunch by mixing canned tuna and mayonnaise. Get creative and add in ingredients you might have on hand, including chopped onions, celery, or even canned chickpeas!
  • Bowls are a quick and fun way to feed your family. Try layering mashed potatoes, canned corn, canned gravy, chicken, and steamed frozen broccoli.
  • Follow along with Senior Food Service Director Whitney White and use frozen vegetables and rice to prepare Sesame Fried Rice.

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Navigating Nutrition During Stressful Times

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