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Herbs & Spices: How to Use Those Dust-Collectors

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If you’ve ever bought an unusual spice only to have it sit unused in your cabinet for years to come, this article’s for you! SAGE Food Service Directors share their best tips on how to use up any unfamiliar spices collecting dust in your cupboard. Allspice is great in dry rubs for barbecued meats. Anise is excellent for rice pudding or fruit salad. Any desserts including a syrup are great with a little touch of anise. Use apple pie spice...


Chef-Recommended Spices & Herbs

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Have you ever looked into a sparse spice cupboard and wondered how a chef would restock it? Wonder no more! We interviewed three SAGE Chefs on their go-to spices, herbs, and flavor combos. Stock up on these, and you’ll always be prepared for a delicious meal. Steve Freas, Chef for 32 years “Salt and pepper are my go-to’s, because underseasoned food is as bad as poorly prepared food. I like the freshness that thyme and lemon thyme bring to food, especially...


From Our Chefs: Grill This, Part II

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As the summer months approach, grilling is a great way to bring everyone together, away from screens, and out of the house. Here are some great grilling tips from some SAGE Chefs. Keep Your Cool Don't grill on high heat! Use a medium to medium-high heat for even cooking. ‘Tis the Season Be sure to season both sides of the meat—try a blend of cumin, oregano, and smoked paprika to taste. Sauce Optional It's okay not to add sauce! If...


From Our Chefs: Grill This, Part I

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Barbecues, grills, marinades, rubs, sauces—it can be hard to sort out what’s what when it comes to creating amazing summer flavor. SAGE is here to help with all of your questions—and share some delicious recipes! What’s the difference between grilling and barbecuing? Grilling is a quick, high-heat method. Barbecuing is cooking meat slowly over low heat in a smoker, so it’s flavored with wood smoke. If you don’t have a smoker, don’t worry. You can make delicious barbecue with your...


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