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The First Watermelon Harvest

Sustainability, Gardens

Today was the day we at Pine Crest School have been waiting for: the first watermelon harvest. The seeds for "Farmers Wonderful," a seedless variety of melon, were sown on March 23. On May 5, we were blessed with "Bouncing Baby Wasandra," the first melon we noticed in the patch. The students watched with much anticipation as the melons grew and grew. The praying mantis egg sacs that were placed in the garden on March 21 hatched around...


Green Cup Challenge Winners


Congratulations to the students at The Winchendon School, a coed, college preparatory school in Winchendon, MA, for achieving first place in the Northeast Boarding School category of the 2011 Green Cup Challenge. A program of the Green Schools Alliance, the Green Cup Challenge invites all schools -- public and private, day and boarding schools -- to measure and reduce campus electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions, and supports campus greening efforts, including recycling and water conservation. Carbon footprint reductions are...


SAGE Organic Garden at Pine Crest School

Nutrition, Sustainability, Gardens

If you know anything about SAGE, you know that our organic garden at Pine Crest School in Boca Raton, FL, is a thing of beauty and something of which we are immensely proud. Don Janezic, SAGE's Food Service Director at Pine Crest, lavishes attention on the soil, the plants and the compost that enriches them. The garden -- which recently won third place in its category in the Florida School Garden Competition -- isn't just a source of wonderful...


Farmer Melick's Asparagus


Hunter Stagg, SAGE's chef/manager at The Peck School in Morristown, NJ,  recently received his first delivery of spring bounty from a local farmer named Peter Melick. Stagg approached Melick several years ago about supplying produce to Peck, and the two became friends. Melick recently phoned Stagg and offered him some of the first picks of his Jersey asparagus. Stagg put it into a salad and served it to Peck students and staff. The fresh taste was "out of this...


Greening Your Plate

Sustainability, From Our Kitchen

Spring is a great time to take a look at how the food choices you make impact the environment. Earth-friendly food goes beyond organic food; it also includes how food is packaged, shopped for, prepared and served. Here are five great ways to “eat green”: Go for organic. Foods that are USDA-certified organic reduce pollution, because they minimize the use of pesticides. Choose organic for foods you eat most often, or ones that are the most affordable. Eat fewer processed...


Food for Thought at 'Future' Conference

Nutrition, Sustainability

There was an incredible amount of brain power at the May 4 "Future of Food" conference at Georgetown University. (Watch video of the speakers here.) Some of the world's most important thinkers on the subject of food politics -- including Marion Nestle, Eric Schlosser, Will Allen and Vandana Shiva, not to mention the Prince of Wales -- shared (all too briefly, in my opinion) their thoughts on what we need to do to revolutionize our domestic and global food...


Kids in the Kitchen

Sustainability, From Our Kitchen, Gardens

During Winterim Week at Alexander Dawson School in Boulder, CO, some students elected to help out in the kitchen and garden. Ninety Lower School students helped make pizza, strawberry shortcake, composed salads and dressings, as well as table arrangements. Their rotation included time clearing the garden and helping double its size. Middle and Upper School students helped prepare meat and vegetable lasagna, banana chocolate chip bread and composed salads and dressings. In addition, they took turns working the serving line...


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