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Celebrating September Jewish Holidays

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This September is unique because Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot fall within the same month. Determined by the Hebrew calendar, these holidays fall on different dates each year, typically between September and October. Let’s take a closer look at each of these religious holidays and their culinary traditions. Rosh Hashana Rosh Hashana, meaning “head of the year,” celebrates the Jewish New Year and commemorates the birth of the universe. A time to celebrate new beginnings, Rosh Hashana is...


International Cuisine: India

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Dating back 5,000 years, India is an amalgamation of diverse cultural, religious, and culinary influences. You might be surprised to learn that many foods that seem to embody Indian cuisine – rich, tomato-based curries and the piping-hot potato and pea samosa stuffing – include ingredients that aren’t native to the country. Portuguese and Dutch colonization brought items such as tomatoes, potatoes, vinegar, and grilled bread to India. A reflection of the diverse nature of this Southeast Asian country, India...


The Icing on the Cake: Homemade Buttercream

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To treat communities at the end of the school year, our teams competed in the SAGE Cupcake Challenge. Check out their creations on Instagram! Here are the most popular ones, which we’re adding to our Recipe Collection: Toasted S’mores Cupcake: St. George’s School. Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcake: River Oaks Baptist School. Devil’s Kettle Corn Caramel Cupcake: Moses Brown School. Cherry Coconut Macaroon Cupcake: Mount Aloysius College. Mac Daddy Oreo Delight Cupcake: Moses Brown School. Now it’s your turn — make...


(Not) On the Road with a SAGE Chef: Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit

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Greetings! Welcome back to the blog series “On the Road with RDs,” where we invite you to follow along with our Registered Dietitians as they visit venues, teach communities, and continue their education in the wide world of nutrition. This entry is from Executive Chef Rob Coutu. He may not be an RD, but he’s a key part of the Nutrition Team and is responsible for keeping our recipes and menus in tip-top shape and on trend. The Culinary...


International Cuisine: Philippines

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Experiencing Filipino cuisine is like taking an intimate walk through the country's rich and varied history. Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines nation comprises more than seven thousand islands, forming the Republic of the Philippines archipelago. The islands' long history of colonization is ever apparent in their culture and food. Named for King Philip II of Spain, the Philippines were part of a Spanish colony for more than 300 years. Before the discovery and subsequent Spanish colonization, the Philippines enjoyed...


Celebrating Asian/Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

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May is Asian/Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, which celebrates the rich cultures, traditions, histories, and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders throughout the history of the United States. As a dining services provider, our celebration revolves around food, so it’s only natural to highlight this month through that lens. Let’s take a look at some of today’s notable Asian American and Pacific Islander chefs and their culinary contributions and achievements. Chef Cristeta Comerford is in charge of the food...


Bringing More Attention to Food Allergies

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Each May, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) raises food allergy awareness through a week of activities, events, and education. This year, Food Allergy Awareness Week kicked off May 9 and will run through May 15. Food allergies are severe and sometimes life-threatening conditions that affect more than 32 million Americans, including about 1 in 13 children, according to FARE. A food allergy occurs when the immune system overreacts to a protein in a food. Reactions range from mild (e...


Locally Sourced: Saval Foodservice

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We are proud to partner with family-owned businesses like ourselves and continually seek sustainable local suppliers that practice fair trade and adhere to our rigorous standards. Today we’re introducing one of our mid-Atlantic vendors, Saval Foodservice, through an interview with CEO Paul Saval. Founded in 1932, Saval Foodservice is the largest family-owned independent broadline food service distributor in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas. Today, Saval Foodservice serves clients from Philadelphia to Roanoke. For Saval Foodservice, family is...


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