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Holiday Eating for Kids

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen

Holiday CookiesThe tendency to indulge during the holidays is not a characteristic reserved only for adults. Visions of sugarplums--and cookies, cakes, and candy--can dance around in kids' heads, leading to over-eating, under-nutrition, and upset stomachs.

Here are some ideas to help your kids navigate the holiday (eating) season.

Help your kids understand moderation. At parties, ask them to enjoy the one thing that looks the most delicious or to take a bite of a few things that they think look yummy. Also, point out things they can take without limit, such as veggies or fruit. Teaching young kids how to moderate is a lesson they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Be aware of what your kids are eating and help them strive for balance. Have healthy foods available at home. During this busy season there is a tendency to eat out a lot. Offer nutritious meals prior to going out. If they eat some extra sweets later, you can rest easy knowing they also had something nourishing.

Refocus some of your holiday activities and traditions away from food. Instead of just baking cookies, make other memories, such as playing board games, making crafts for gifts, or taking walks to look at holiday lights. Consider donating some of your baked goodies to shelters for the homeless.

Remember that an episode or two of overdoing it won't have any long-term effects. And if you're faced with the inevitable “too much” tummy-ache, go ahead and hand them a candy cane. Peppermint is a known stomach soother.

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