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Discover Your Green Thumb

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Spring is quickly turning into summer across the country. As the warm temperatures grow, now is the time for parents to get their children excited about eating fresh fruits and vegetables. A great way to do get them excited is to pique their interest before sitting down at the dinner table. Try this green thumb challenge: plant a garden with your kids and grow some of your own food! Get started with these tips: Decide on a container garden or...


Holiday Eating for Kids

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen

The tendency to indulge during the holidays is not a characteristic reserved only for adults. Visions of sugarplums--and cookies, cakes, and candy--can dance around in kids' heads, leading to over-eating, under-nutrition, and upset stomachs. Here are some ideas to help your kids navigate the holiday (eating) season. Help your kids understand moderation. At parties, ask them to enjoy the one thing that looks the most delicious or to take a bite of a few things that they think look yummy...


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