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Hydrate with Fruits & Vegetables

From Our Kitchen

Staying hydrated is key to staying healthy since water plays a part in all of our body's functions. We need to be particularly aware of our hydration needs during the summer, because we spend more time outdoors and high temperatures rob our bodies of fluid.  We have lots of choices; beverages aren't the only way to stay hydrated!

Fruits and vegetables are great choices for hydration.  They are primarily made of water and take time to digest.  That means the fluid stays in your body longer, providing sustained hydration.

Be sure to offer kids plenty of fruits and vegetables at mealtime to increase their water intake.  Produce is plentiful in summertime, so take advantage of the bounty!  Here's a list to get you started:

Produce with High Water Content

Cucumber                          96%
Lettuce                               95%
Tomato                               94%
Watermelon                       92%
Strawberries                      92%
Broccoli                              91%
Cantaloupe                         90%
Peach                                 88%


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Cool Tips for Your Summer Cookout

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Hot Ideas for Fruit

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