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SAGE Wisdom For The New Year!

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen

According to the U.S. Government, three of the top New Year's resolutions revolve around living a healthier lifestyle; losing weight, getting fit and eating healthy. However, only about 10% of people actually stay with, and achieve their goal.

Sticking to these resolutions doesn't have to be hard with a little help from SAGE's Spotlight Program®. It is a simple approach to understanding how much and how often to enjoy certain foods. It was created by SAGE registered dietitians using the USDA guidelines to set the criteria. The program works no matter what your age.

SAGE believes all foods fit on your plate when you practice variety, balance, and moderation. A balanced approach to eating relies on getting a variety of nutrients from a broad array of foods. Moderation is key since all foods contain differing quantities of nutrients.

Have fun reviewing food options each day and deciding what you will eat. If you're a parent, encourage your child to make choices that follow our approach. Build a plate with a variety of foods.

  • Start by filling ½ your plate with nutrient dense items, such as vegetables, fruit, and whole grains.

  • Balance your plate by filling ¼ to ½ with a lean protein or low-fat dairy.

  • Reserve the remaining ¼ of your plate for foods that should be eaten in moderation. Foods like pizza, french fries, and ice cream do provide nutrients that are essential, but they also include things that we shouldn't consume in large portions. Moderation is key.

By following these principles, you can begin to live a healthier lifestyle while not giving up the things you love. This could be the year you keep that New Year's resolution.

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