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Athletes & Chocolate Milk – A Winning Combination


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Let's face it: post-workout recovery products can be a little scary.

Many contain a long list of mysterious, hard-to-pronounce ingredients. They usually carry a hefty price tag. It's hard to tell them apart, or know which one is best.

But there's good news: scientists have identified one of the best products for post workout recovery – and it's good old chocolate milk!

Chocolate milk rehydrates the body and aids muscle recovery. It naturally contains significant levels of electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium) that work together to restore the fluids that your body loses during exercise. It replenishes glycogen (stored energy in muscles) which helps muscles recover faster and feel less sore. And did we mention protein? One cup of chocolate milk provides 8g of complete protein, helping to rebuild muscle fibers needing repair.

Athletes often prefer chocolate milk because it contains the perfect ratio of sugar to protein. Research shows that it might even be more effective than water! And unlike other sports recovery beverages, there are no undesirable ingredients like added food dyes, caffeine, vitamins or herbs.

Baseball - Summer 2015Watch out! As with most things nutrition-related, we can't just say that “chocolate milk is best for recovery.” There are a lot of different factors you should take into consideration, like the duration and intensity of exercise, as well as the size, gender, and age of the athlete in question. Most toddlers and children should only consume about 1 cup of chocolate milk per day. A teenager who plays a sport for more than 60 minutes, on the other hand, may benefit from 2 cups or more.

Chocolate milk is relatively inexpensive, and easily available in grab-and-go form. It's a clean label option that provides 9 essential nutrients and 8g of protein. And it tastes great! If a post-workout recovery drink is part of your fitness regimen, consider switching to chocolate milk.

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