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Eliminating Trans Fat

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen

While SAGE believes that all foods fit into a nutritious diet, there is one nutrient out there that doesn't fit. It has no redeeming quality, and it's called trans fat.

Trans fat is directly linked to heart disease. It raises levels of bad cholesterol and lowers levels of good cholesterol. This information has led the FDA to propose a ban on trans fats for good. If the decision is approved, partially hydrogenated oils will be phased out of all foods.

What's tricky is that manufacturers are currently allowed to label a product as having 0 grams of trans fat if a serving contains less than 0.5 g. But if you choose to eat 2 servings of that item, then you will consume 1 g of trans fat. It may not seem like a lot, but no amount of trans fat is good.

Many restaurants and food-service companies, like SAGE, have already switched to healthier oils. SAGE has been using trans fat-free oils since 2005 and switched to trans fat-free margarine shortly thereafter.

So read the ingredient lists and avoid products that list partially hydrogenated oils. You may still find these products hiding in commercial baked goods, fried foods, pie crust, coffee creamers and microwave popcorn.

Choose to eat more fresh, whole foods to easily avoid consuming trans fat.Hydrogenated oil

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