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Rethinking Resolutions


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As the holiday season winds down and New Year's approaches, many of us are contemplating our resolutions for 2016. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, while close to half of Americans usually make a resolution, only 8% are successful in achieving them. What's the deal? If we make our own goals, shouldn't we be able to meet them?

We've all heard the saying “my eyes are bigger than my stomach.” The same sentiment also applies to resolutions: we think we can accomplish more than what's realistic. Take a good look at your time commitments, finances, and support before making a resolution that may not be attainable at this stage of your life.

It also helps to be specific. “Read more” and “spend time with family” are admirable goals, but hard to meet. “Read one book a month” and “have a weekly family night” not only sound more achievable, but will allow you to know when you've succeeded. Who doesn't love checking something off the list?

While most resolutions have us looking inward, consider adding one to your list that improves someone else's life. Some ideas might be: call your mom/dad once a month, volunteer at your favorite charity four times a year, or have a weekly date night with your spouse or friend. Put the odds even more in your favor by sharing your resolution with someone, possibly the other party in your resolution. People who share or write down their goals are significantly more likely to keep them.

A new year holds many possibilities, but using these tips will help turn them into realities! Happy New Year!

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