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Wholesome Whole Grains

SAGE Standards

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SAGE Standard: “We offer a variety of whole-grain breads, bagels, and rolls.”

What We Do

We offer a selection of whole-grain breads and at least one salad made with whole grains every day. We also regularly incorporate whole-wheat and whole-grain pasta and brown rice into our menus. We encourage students to try new and different whole grains, like amaranth, farro, quinoa, sorghum, and spelt by incorporating them into sides and salads.

Why We Do It

The outer layer, or bran, of a whole grain, contains antioxidants, B vitamins, and fiber. All of these nutrients are stripped from processed grains, and only some are added back in chemical form to “enriched” grain products. As with a whole apple, a whole grain has extra nutrients in its “peel” that are lost in processing.

In particular, the fiber in whole grains contributes to intestinal health and blood sugar regulation, preempting or alleviating conditions like diverticulitis and diabetes. It also decreases the risk of obesity by creating a feeling of fullness.

Scientific studies have linked the consumption of whole grains to lower risk of heart disease, cancer, infectious disease, respiratory disease, stroke, and early mortality.

The variety of whole grains SAGE provides makes for great sandwiches and sides, as well as exciting deli and salad bars for those days our students are feeling adventurous and want to try something new. Our inclusion of many types of whole grains helps provide vegetarian and vegan students with different sources of protein and fiber, and encourages our student body at large to increase their intake of filling, heart-friendly foods.

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From Our Kitchen: Spinach and Roasted Veggie Quinoa Breakfast Bowls

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