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From Our Chefs: Top 10 Favorite Ingredients to Use


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Our Chefs have lots of tools in their toolboxes. But perhaps Chefs’ most underrecognized tools are the simple, wholesome ingredients they use every day. They take great care in choosing these ingredients—ensuring they’re fresh, local, and sourced responsibly.

We asked our Chefs to weigh in on their favorite ingredients. Some were chosen because of their versatility, while others add flavor and bring magic to the dish. Looking for a list of good standbys for your pantry or refrigerator? This Top 10 list is a good place to start.

  1. Garlic - No time to chop? Jarred minced garlic is a good alternative for busy evenings.

  2. Curry - Work in some new flavors for your little ones with a dash of curry.

  3. Ginger - Let your kids pick out the funniest shaped piece of ginger root at the grocery store.

  4. Cheese – Give your family a taste of some freshly grated cheese—they’ll notice the difference!

  5. Squash – Spaghetti, Butternut, Sweet Dumpling, Kabocha, Banana—so many to choose from.

  6. Chicken – Step out of your comfort zone. The possibilities are endless!

  7. Beef – Sure, it’s expected as an entrée, but charcuterie boards are really fun to prepare!

  8. Honey – Try more exotic options like Ghost Pepper Honey or Vanilla Bean-Infused Honey.

  9. Kale – Yes, our Chefs love to use kale—in salads, soups, smoothies, and even oatmeal!

  10. Rosemary – According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, rosemary tea is said to enhance memory. Give it a try on test day!

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