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From Our Dietitians: National Nutrition Month


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What Does It Mean to Eat Right, Bite by Bite?

March is our Dietitians’ favorite month because it’s National Nutrition Month®! Every year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics selects a theme that reinforces what nutrition professionals focus on when educating the public, including making informed food choices, selecting nourishing foods, and incorporating movement and exercise into daily life when appropriate. This year’s theme is Eat Right, Bite by Bite. Check out what this theme means to each of SAGE’s Dietitians.

Lesley Vogel, Nutrition Director

“This year’s theme tends to make me focus on the idea that we need to eat ‘right,’ but what does that really mean? To me, eating ‘right’ is about finding the balance that works for you as you consider the nutritional components of food as well as the social and cultural value it provides. I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all solution to eating ‘right.’ That said, what if we thought of it as ‘Eat Right (FOR YOU), Bite by Bite’? Sorry, I know it doesn’t rhyme!”

Nicole Sayre, Registered Dietitian

“When I think about this year’s theme, I think about truly enjoying each and every bite of our food. So often, we get caught up in the nutritional value or how ‘healthy’ a food is, and we forget to stop and savor what we eat. Food is so much more than its nutrients and what it physically does for our bodies. It can also be about trying new things, having fun with friends or family, and celebrating special occasions! This year’s theme is a reminder to take a step back and love the food we eat — bite by bite!”

Jessica Holler, Registered Dietitian

“This year’s theme makes me think of my kids. When they try a new food, they take the smallest possible bite. I remind them that they can’t know what they like with just one bite. Food gives us the opportunity to explore different flavors and textures. We might think that first bite tells us everything we need to know, but food tastes differently depending on who prepares it, how it’s prepared, where we are, other foods we’ve eaten recently, and even our mood when we eat. In order to really know what we like, we should take it bite by bite!”

Taylor Chan, Registered Dietitian

“When I think of Eat Right, Bite by Bite, my mind goes to a dinner table covered in various serving platters, each holding a unique dish (made with love) by a family member or friend. If you’ve ever been to a holiday gathering, celebration, or potluck party, you know exactly what I’m talking about! At these events, it’s all about trying a bite of this and a bite of that to taste a little of everything — in another sense, we’re sharing and receiving love through food. Food is powerful in that it brings people closer together. And that’s pretty darn cool.”

At SAGE, we provide nutritional education programs that help everyone in the community Eat Right, Bite by Bite. Using the principles of variety, balance, and moderation, we encourage community members to fuel their daily activities by choosing nutrient-rich foods that are delicious and satisfying.

The Dietitians are taking over the blog for National Nutrition Month! Come back next week to learn more about what Registered Dietitians do at SAGE.

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