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All Foods Fit: Exploring All the Reasons We Eat


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SAGE’s nutrition philosophy is All Foods Fit. This means that there are no “good” or “bad” foods because we eat many different foods for many different reasons. Food supports our physical, social, emotional, mental, and cultural well-being — which support our overall health. We want to honor and celebrate those reasons!

Food keeps us nutritionally balanced, provides the opportunity to explore other cultures and flavors, and allows us to create long-lasting memories and enjoy the dining experience. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the key reasons we eat — but you may be able to think of even more!

Fuel: Food nourishes our bodies and gives us energy. It maximizes athletic performance, prevents us from getting sick and injured, and helps us recover quickly when we do get sick or hurt. Food is fuel, and it’s essential to life.

Culture: Food teaches us so much about other cultures and even gives us the opportunity to discover more about our own heritage. We learn more about culture through food traditions and authentic recipes that have been passed down from the generations before us. Think about your family’s food traditions and celebrations — chances are there’s a dish or recipe that holds special meaning and evokes feelings of nostalgia.

Exploration: Food allows us to discover more about the world around us. When we try new ingredients, flavors, or cuisines, we challenge our palates and expand our minds. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the world through food!

Togetherness: Food is often at the center of social gatherings and events, and the best way to celebrate it is by enjoying a meal with your friends and family. One of food’s greatest superpowers is its ability to bring people together.

Enjoyment: Food is fun! Appreciate everything that it does for you. Because of food, we’re able to celebrate, enjoy others’ company, and create long-lasting memories.

As you can see, food impacts not only our physical health, but also our social, emotional, mental, and cultural well-being. Our All Foods Fit philosophy captures the role food plays in many different aspects of our lives.

Check out this video explaining how we practice and promote our All Foods Fit philosophy in dining halls.

Stay tuned for future blogs where we’ll discuss the different components that make up our All Foods Fit philosophy.

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