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All Foods Fit: How Food Brings Us Together

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SAGE’s All Foods Fit philosophy means there are no “good” or “bad” foods. We eat many different foods for many different reasons because food supports us in a variety of ways, such as providing nutritional balance, allowing the opportunity to explore other flavors and cultures, and giving us the chance to create long-lasting memories and enjoy the dining experience.

Let’s learn how food brings us together.

Celebrations and gatherings naturally bring people together, and food is often at the center, creating a sense of togetherness. In a society that often favors productivity over moments of rest and connection, it’s rare to be fully present with one another. Sharing a meal or food experience with others offers many psychosocial benefits because it creates community and unification. We’re more likely to listen and improve our social skills, like empathy and understanding. Catching up with friends or sharing about our day with family can not only improve our mood but also provides a way to slow down.

Slowing down during the eating process also supports the overall digestion and absorption of nutrients. Meals shared with others tend to encourage more variety in our diets and include a higher intake of fruits and vegetables, both of which can improve our overall health and well-being.

At SAGE, we emphasize community dining. We want our community members to feel a sense of belonging and togetherness — a feeling everyone deserves! To ensure all community members are included, we focus on variety to accommodate food allergies, unique eating preferences, and religious dietary practices. SAGE wants everyone to enjoy a safe, delicious meal together.

Food is most fun when we share it together! What foods do you enjoy eating when you’re with your friends?

Stay tuned for our next All Foods Fit blog where we’ll find the enjoyment in food!

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