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What’s Vegitas®?


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According to the World Animal Foundation, there are approximately 1.5 billion vegetarians around the world, and that number continues to increase. There are many reasons why people are incorporating plant-based dishes into their diets, but possibly the most notable is growing interest in planet health and sustainability.

Following a plant-based diet varies from person to person and can range from limiting meat and animal products to avoiding them entirely. Typically, plant-based cuisine highlights fruits and vegetables at the center of the plate. Here are a few common eating patterns that can fall within a plant-based diet:

● Vegetarian – excludes meat and poultry but can include dairy or eggs.

● Pescatarian – excludes meat and poultry but can include fish and seafood.

● Vegan – avoids animal products entirely (including dairy, eggs, and sometimes honey).

● Flexitarian – eats vegetarian foods primarily but occasionally includes meat or animal products.

Whether you’re curious about plant-based foods, enjoy learning about the latest food trends, or follow a vegetarian or vegan eating pattern, SAGE has you covered! Our Vegitas® concept is dedicated to only plant-based foods and offers a variety of delicious vegetarian and vegan meals with complete proteins. While we focus on familiarity, we also like offering some nontraditional items to encourage you to try something new and exciting.

We pride ourselves on making our plant-based menu items appeal to everyone in your community, such as Chipotle-Lime Cauliflower Tacos, Berry Ricotta Toast, and Korean BBQ Tempeh. No matter your dietary preference, Vegitas® has something for everyone!

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Chef-Recommended Spices and Herbs

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