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12 Food Trends for 2024


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As we welcome the new year, SAGE’s Director of Menu Development Rob Coutu shares 12 food trends you may see throughout 2024.

  1. Comfort Food Fusion
    Comfort foods are getting an elevated, creative twist. Combining two types of mouthwatering comfort foods will be a hit in 2024. Think: cheeseburger quesadillas, pizza pot pie, carbonara ramen, and more!

  2. 2024 is Heating Up
    You’ll see heat being used in complex ways this year, including chile peppers in desserts, drinks, and even ice cream. In addition, certain peppers that you could find only dried — like scorpion peppers and guajillo chiles — are becoming available in their fresh form in supermarkets.

  3. Caes(ar) the Day!
    Out with traditional Caesar salad, in with Caesar everything else! Be on the lookout for pairings like roasted asparagus with Caesar and Caesar-marinated grilled shrimp.

  4. Tropical Vibes
    Pineapple and coconut flavors never left, but they’re certainly being revived in 2024. Classics like pineapple upside-down cake and coconut chicken will pop up on menus more often and so will pineapple-infused drinks. Beach, anyone?

  5. Third-Culture Cuisine
    Third-culture cuisine is a blend of cultures in one dish. Inspired by their own upbringings, first-generation chefs are creating new dishes that incorporate elements from their cultures and backgrounds in creative, unique ways.

  6. Mediterranean Madness
    Mediterranean cuisine has become very popular over the last few years — in both homes and restaurants — and it’ll continue to dominate in 2024. Consider trying Mediterranean foods for breakfast, such as spanakopita (Greek spinach pie).

  7. Hong Kong Cuisine
    Hong Kong cuisine is making waves, including Hong Kong-style cafés, called cha chaan teng (“tea restaurant”). Here, you’ll find traditional food and drink, like milk tea, egg tarts, pineapple buns, and more.

  8. More Noodles, Please!
    You can’t go wrong with noodles, whether it’s a traditional Asian dish like lo mein or simple, classic mac & cheese. And big this year is cold ramen, such as hiyashi chūka (a Chinese-style Japanese dish) and tsukemen (a Japanese dish).

  9. Crunchy Sandwiches
    Forget potato chips on your sandwich. Chilaquiles — tortilla strips that are cut and lightly fried or baked — are finding their way onto all types of sandwiches for that added crunch!

  10. Fried Rice With a Crisp
    New ways of preparing fried rice will be emerging this year, including dolsot bibimbap. This Korean dish is made and served in a hot stone pot, which makes the bottom layer of rice extra crispy.

  11. Venezuelan Cuisine
    Keep your eye out for Venezuelan pop-up restaurants serving traditional cuisine like guasacaca, an avocado salsa, and arepas, thick, round cornmeal cakes.

  12. Ranching Out
    Classic ranch is getting a makeover. You’ll see more spicy variations of ranch hitting supermarket shelves and restaurant menus, such as jalapeño ranch and chipotle-lime ranch.

Look for some new creations that highlight these trends on your menu this year!

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