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Teal Pumpkins

From Our Kitchen

[caption id="attachment_24336" align="alignright" width="198" caption="Teal Pumpkin Project"][/caption] Halloween is supposed to be a time when we can let our imaginations soar and have fun. It's not always easy for folks with food allergies. In fact it can be pretty hard. We've brought back one of our most popular posts with new tips and tricks that both kids and adults will enjoy! Teal Pumpkin Project Show your support this Halloween for food allergy awareness and paint a pumpkin teal. It's part...


The Candy Strategy

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen

All foods can fit into a nutritious diet. Yes, even candy. In fact, Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to implement the principles of the SAGE Spotlight Program®, Variety, Balance and Moderation. The goal of the SAGE Spotlight Program® is to encourage a fun and healthy relationship with all food. Teaching your child how to enjoy less nutritious foods, like candy, without going overboard is a useful skill. What better holiday to do that than Halloween? Variety. Let your child test...


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