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GROWING SAGE: Vast Gardens and Opportunities at St. Andrew’s, DE

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At SAGE, we make a point of featuring locally-grown food in our dining halls, so we’re thrilled that 60% of our schools have on-campus gardens producing crops that can be incorporated into school meals—the ultimate in local sourcing. The gardens at St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, Delaware are an impressive sight. Our SAGE staff are always looking for new recipes that incorporate their fresh produce! The St. Andrew’s garden started as a 5,000 ft2 field plot in 2006. Ten...


Growing SAGE: The Great Gardens at Greater Atlanta Christian School

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The Environmental Learning Center (ELC) at Greater Atlanta Christian School (GACS) in Norcross, GA, is remarkable for the breadth and variety of its holdings. The 10,000-square-foot landscape center has a 2,300-square-foot greenhouse, a 3,000-gallon hand-pumped rain barrel, edible gardens, planting beds, a green-roof shed, a vermicomposting station, a bee hive, a chicken coop, a turtle pond, and a fish hatchery. Self-described “resident plant guy” James Lee asserts that one goal of the ELC is to facilitate “the...


5 Rules for Picking Summer Produce

Nutrition, Sustainability, From Our Kitchen, Gardens

Have you ever bought produce only to find it's too ripe, or not ripe enough? It can be challenging to choose perfect produce every time. We've put together five simple rules to guide your purchases this summer: Trust your sense of smell. The scent of some produce can help determine whether it's ripe. Fruit should smell fragrant, particularly melons, berries and stone fruits like plums, peaches and nectarines. Handle with care. Ripe fruits like plums should yield to gentle pressure...


Eat More Produce


Sometimes we are so focused on whether a piece of fruit is local, or if that vegetable is organic, that we miss the point. Eat more fruits and vegetables! Americans' intake of fruits and vegetables falls well below what's recommended. As a result, we lose out on key nutrients each and every day. Put more emphasis on simply eating more fruits and vegetables and less on the label. At each meal, aim to fill half of your plate with fruits...


Improvised Summer Dinner

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen

Recently, I invited a friend for dinner, but with the temperature in the mid-90s, cooking was not an enticing prospect. What could I throw together that would be tasty, seasonal and simple, with little or no cooking required? At the farmers market that morning, I was enticed by the sweet corn and vivid red tomatoes. (The heirloom tomatoes growing in my backyard are getting there, but are not quite ready to eat yet.) The plump, glossy blackberries and fragrant...


Celebrate Can-it-Forward Day

Sustainability, From Our Kitchen

As with many of the domestic arts, canning has made a big comeback. Sales of home canning equipment have been surging since 2008, in large part due to a growing interest in eating more healthfully and reviving traditions from a simpler time. To capitalize on this trend, Jarden Home Brands -- the makers of Ball canning jars -- has partnered with Canning Across America, a nationwide group of food writers, bloggers and cookbook authors with a passion for canning, to...


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