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Tired of Rice? Try Quinoa!


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If you've ever been to a gourmet salad bar, you might have tried something that looks like couscous, but tastes crunchier and nuttier in flavor. It's quinoa (pronounced keen-wah)! Quinoa is commonly thought of as a grain, but is actually a seed related to leafy greens like spinach and Swiss chard.

Quinoa can be eaten on its own or as a side dish.  It's an excellent substitute for rice in  stews, fillings and salad toppings. You can even have it as a hot breakfast cereal!

Quinoa is unique in that it is a complete protein, making it a favorite among vegetarians and vegans.  Quinoa is a good source of iron; one cup provides 15% of the recommended daily value.  Additionally, for those with a gluten intolerance or autoimmune disorder, it's gluten-free (it's cholesterol-free too).

Quinoa is becoming more readily available in the health food section of grocery stores, so check it out!

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