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From Our Chefs: Coffee-Making Tips

From Our Kitchen

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Brew great coffee with these tips from our SAGE Chefs and coffee vendors:

  • It starts with the beans; buy coffee beans instead of ground coffee when possible. Ground coffee loses flavor pretty quickly. Coffee grinders are inexpensive and easy to find.
  • The best way to brew coffee is with 3¼ ounces of coarsely ground Arabica beans in a standard 64-ounce drip brew glass pot. Arabica beans are much less bitter than other beans when brewed.
  • When it comes to the water, make sure it’s filtered. If your water doesn’t taste good, neither will your coffee.
  • Temperature’s very important. Brew at about 194 °F. If it’s cooler, it’s going to be a weaker brew; if it’s hotter, it’s going to be a bitter brew.
  • If you like cream and sugar in your coffee, opt for a dark roast to maintain the flavor of the coffee. If you like your coffee black, you may prefer a lighter roast.
  • If you’re loving the hot trend of cold brew, use a French press to steep the coffee overnight, then press in the morning to separate the grounds from the coffee. A four-to-one ratio of water and coffee is recommended (e.g., a quarter pound of coarsely ground beans to four cups of water).

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