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Green With Envy - Creating A Great Garden

Sustainability, From Our Kitchen, Gardens

Spring has sprung! Now is the perfect time to start planning your garden. Whether you have a large yard or a small space on your deck or windowsill, here's our advice for creating a green space this season. Getting started Pick a location. No matter if it's inside or out, it should have access to at least six-hours of sunlight per day. If you are planting your garden outside, have your soil tested for acidity and nutrient content. This is...


Plant Garlic Now for Spring Harvest

Sustainability, From Our Kitchen, Gardens

Now is the time to plant garlic. It's super easy and does not require much work. Typically, garlic is planted from the end of September through November, four to six weeks before the ground freezes, depending on where you live. It is best to plant after a light frost, but well before the ground freezes. Garlic should have good root growth before winter starts, but minimal above-ground growth. So head over to a local farm or garden center and pick...


Fresh Herbs Perk Up Green Salads

From Our Kitchen, Gardens

Many of us enjoy growing fresh herbs, but sometimes we can't use them up fast enough. They grow better if trimmed frequently, but since we might not do as much cooking during the summer months, our plants can get a bit leggy. One solution is to add the herbs to salads. Some snips of fresh parsley, basil, tarragon and cilantro can really brighten a run-of-the-mill green salad. Avoid using strong-tasting herbs like rosemary, marjoram and oregano, which can overwhelm the...


Discover Your Green Thumb

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen, Gardenssage img

Spring is quickly turning into summer across the country. As the warm temperatures grow, now is the time for parents to get their children excited about eating fresh fruits and vegetables. A great way to do get them excited is to pique their interest before sitting down at the dinner table. Try this green thumb challenge: plant a garden with your kids and grow some of your own food! Get started with these tips: Decide on a container garden or...


Purslane: The New 'It' Green

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen, Gardens

Recently, while buying greens at the farmers' market, I was encouraged to try purslane, which was entirely new to me. The vendor tossed some in with the spinach and mesclun in the bag. As part of a salad, it was an interesting element. The taste was slightly lemony and astringent, though not at all bitter. Then a friend mentioned that Dr. Oz has been touting the health benefits of purslane, and I saw folks talking about it on Twitter...


Saint Andrew's School Named 'Green School of Excellence'

Sustainability, Gardens

Congratulations to the Green Team at Saint Andrew's School in Boca Raton, FL, for being named a Palm Beach County "Green School of Excellence." This is the highest level of recognition a school can attain in the program. The co-ed, K-12 boarding school also received a second place award for the 2011 program, in which 49 Palm Beach County schools participated. The honor comes with a $1,000 cash prize, which the school will use to purchase a composting...


Savannah Country Day Captures the Flag

Sustainability, Gardens

When the teachers, students and staff at Savannah Country Day School won the prestigious Green Flag Award from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), it was not immediately obvious just how special an honor they had received. The Green Flag Awards recognize the greenest schools in the world. But until this year, no American school had claimed the prize. The Eco-Schools USA program counts nearly 500 schools and some 205,000 students among its participants, but none had achieved the program’s...


The First Watermelon Harvest

Sustainability, Gardens

Today was the day we at Pine Crest School have been waiting for: the first watermelon harvest. The seeds for "Farmers Wonderful," a seedless variety of melon, were sown on March 23. On May 5, we were blessed with "Bouncing Baby Wasandra," the first melon we noticed in the patch. The students watched with much anticipation as the melons grew and grew. The praying mantis egg sacs that were placed in the garden on March 21 hatched around...


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