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The Mighty Watermelon

Nutrition, From Our Kitchen

Watermelon is a great and popular dessert option for a cookout. It's easy, refreshing and nutritious. It also makes a perfect snack after a workout or on a hot day. In addition to tasting great, it helps keep you hydrated. One cup is about 92% water. That is why it was a perfect option for Berkeley Preparatory School's Fall Tailgate Picnic. SAGE served Watermelon Mache Salad with Grilled Ruskin Red & Green Tomatoes.

Hydration is not the only benefit. Like tomatoes, watermelons are full of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Studies show lycopene may help reduce some incidences of cancer and cardiovascular disease. In fact, watermelon has more lycopene than any other produce.

Watermelon also contains high levels of vitamin A, B6 and C, which are known to boost your immune systems and fight off infections.

So how do you pick the perfect melon?

  • Look for a firm rind, free of bruises or dents.

  • Lift it; it should be heavy.

  • Look for a creamy yellow colored spot on the bottom, where it sat and ripened in the sun.

There are many ways to serve watermelon. SAGE Food Service Director Michael Tornetta prefers this refreshing salad.

Minted Watermelon with Feta Cheese
1/2 Cup Diced Watermelon

1 Tablespoon Crumbled Feta Cheese
1 Teaspoon Chopped Fresh Mint
Combine all the ingredients and toss together

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Tailgating Party!

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Celebrating the End of Summer

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