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Locally Sourced: Saval Foodservice

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We are proud to partner with family-owned businesses like ourselves and continually seek sustainable local suppliers that practice fair trade and adhere to our rigorous standards. Today we’re introducing one of our mid-Atlantic vendors, Saval Foodservice, through an interview with CEO Paul Saval. Founded in 1932, Saval Foodservice is the largest family-owned independent broadline food service distributor in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas. Today, Saval Foodservice serves clients from Philadelphia to Roanoke. For Saval Foodservice, family is...


Locally Sourced: Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company®

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SAGE is committed to sourcing locally. Local sourcing means our guests enjoy fresh, delicious products. It also means a boost for local economies and a reduction in our overall environmental impact. Approximately 40% of our suppliers are within 150 miles of the venues they supply, and 30% are in the same state. We source strategically, seeking not just vendors, but partners who work with us long-term to achieve performance and sustainability goals. One of our most established East Coast partners...


Sourcing A Favorite Fish for Health and Environmental Benefits

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Tilapia is a favorite in lots of households and many of the communities we serve—it’s often the first fish kids eat because of its mild flavor and appealing consistency.  It’s low in mercury, nutrient-rich, cost-efficient, and a good source of lean protein. However, there have been concerns about tilapia farming practices and their potential health and environmental impact. To address these points, SAGE will source our tilapia exclusively from a responsible and sustainable supplier, Regal Springs©. Regal Springs© raises lake-grown...


Locally Sourced: Q&A with Liberty Delight’s Shane & Lauren

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Following up on our post from Tuesday about SAGE's partnership with Liberty Delight, we talk with livestock farmer Shane and his partner and marketing guru Lauren about their circuitous paths to the farm, their day-to-day life, and how they keep their animals happy. Shane, how did you come to the farm? I grew up on a small farm in Carroll County, MD. I was your typical kid growing up on the farm, and getting to play with the animals. I was...


Locally Sourced: Liberty Delight Farms

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In honor of Liberty Delight’s 10th anniversary, we’re celebrating our partnership. We’re proud to offer their meats at several MD schools and the SAGE Home Office. Liberty Delight, a natural livestock farm in Reisterstown, MD, was founded by Shane Hughes in 2008, right at the start of the buy-local movement. It’s grown from one man to a 15-person staff, and from only beef to include rabbit, pork, chicken, turkey, and lamb. Surrounded by natural preserve, the 100-acre farm has six...


Locally Sourced: An Interview with Sarah Bernstein of Farm Fresh Rhode Island

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Building on our last post about Farm Fresh Rhode Island, we’re interviewing Sarah Bernstein, Program Director for Food System Enterprise. Sarah’s background in education, sustainability, and local foods informs her work with Farm Fresh RI. So let’s start by asking the obvious—why is local sourcing important? There are so many reasons! Because less time has passed from harvest to customer, it’s fresher and it tastes really good. Its vitamins and minerals haven’t been depleted in the same way as something that’s been...


Locally Sourced: Farm Fresh Rhode Island

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The mission of nonprofit food hub Farm Fresh Rhode Island is “To grow a local food system that values the environment, health, and quality of life of farmers and eaters.” The organization was founded in 2004 as part of a student project at Brown University, to increase access to local food in Rhode Island. One of the first outcomes of this project was the Local Food Guide, an extensive online database of local farmers and producers that’s open to...


Locally Sourced: Hearn Kirkwood

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Hearn Kirkwood, a family-run fresh foods distributor in Hanover, MD, has built its reputation of quality food and service over the past 71 years. We had the chance to chat with third-generation CEO Charles Gilbert, who happily noted, “There’s nothing like having a fresh produce company and loving to cook.” What do you do as a supplier? We strive to be good partners with our customers when it comes to their customers and their profitability. We do this by...


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